Pole fitness

Tricks, acrobatics, flexibility and strength tricks on pole for 60, 75 and 90 minutes.

Pole Kid

Kids learn self-discipline, dedication and self-confidence, gain coordination, balance and endurance which they can use in every aspect of their life. Age limit is between 1st class in the elementary school and 16 years.

Mom – Kid Pole Fitness

You don’t need to take your kid to training and in the meantime care about your workout, because you can train, have fun and get motivated together in the same time in the same place. Spend more quality time together which sport can strongly support. Pole fitness is one of the most feminine activities which you can now do together. You don’t need to wait till she finishes her training and you can both become more fit and healthy Mom and Kid.


Excellent cardio training which is wonderfully defines muscles. Punches, forms of protection in a partner work that builds amazing condition of the body. Boxing gloves, hook &jab pads(from the pair the one who is working has to hit in this), jumping rope are our tools. We work a lot in pairs but obviously we do not couse pain for eachother. It is not a real fight as in the martial sports.

First I met this training is Australia and it was 60 minutes very sweaty hard working where my muscles were burning.

I strarted to like it lot it improves your stamina very well also except that you have a situation where you have ro protect yourself. You have some things aleady to use.

It is very good for you to ease your daily stress. You can take out all the angers from you with the help of the hits.

Aerial Hoop, Hammock, Tissue

Feminine, fluent aerial tricks in the air on 3 different apparatus: hoop, hammock and tissue. These classes give you the opportunity to learn how to execute the moves improving your balance and flexibility. Classes are available from complete beginners to more advanced students.


It is a 60 minute long sweaty, hardcore workout that aims at shaping the most critical body parts. It is based on the popular TWERK and it is a unique class in Hungary only in Women’s Paradise. It can be a sexy and provocative way of achieving your goals.


Are you jealous of ballerina’s slim legs? Would you like to have muscular and well- shaped booty and say goodbye to cellulitis? Are you fed up with jumps and squats? Do you want something new?

Then we have good news for you, because America’s most trendy sport style, the bootybarre is now available in Women’s Paradise.

It is a fun, energetic, workout that will tone, define and chisel the whole body and concentrate mainly on legs, bum and core. Bootybarre is the perfect combination of


strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element utilizing the barre. Classes are for small groups therefore you get maximum attention during 60 minutes and you will definitely sweat and smile as well :)


Conditioning and stretching in the air only in the Women’s Paradise studio. It uses hammock. During class, you do strength and flexibility tricks alternately. Muscles and soul gets relaxed while your body gets more toned.


By now, we all know that stretching is very important. But the fact that it can be funny as well is still a secret for many of us. Our aim is to show you this side of stretching in our new class. PureStretching is a class where you can forget about everyday stress, calm down your mind and with the help of your partner, you can get into some stretching poses, which help increase your flexibility that is useful to execute bendy pole tricks.



Training class: Pole and Aerial acrobatics

Static and spinning poles and aerial apparatuses are available for practice without instructor.


Pole Art is a unique class where we learn transition moves, dance technique, and we also emphasize the lyrical execution. We always pointing our toes, holding our hand in a nice position and straighten our legs. You're going to be able to create your own choreography instead of just putting tricks one after the other. Please bring leggings, leg warmers and knee pads in order to dance and move comfortable.

Iratkozz fel ingyenes hírlevelünkre, ha nem szeretnél lemradani akutális programjainkról, kedvezményeinkről!!

Womensparadise 2016 Minden jog fenntartva.

Iratkozz fel ingyenes hírlevelünkre, ha nem szeretnél lemradani akutális programjainkról, kedvezményeinkről!!

Womensparadise 2016 Minden jog fenntartva.